Welcome to DashRoots

Hello and welcome to the DashRoots blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce the DashRoots project and explain why I’m so excited about the project and its potential.

My name is Martin Rue, and I’m one half of the current team behind the project. If DashRoots sounds familiar, that’s most likely because you saw the official proposal for a Grassroots Crowdfunding System at Dash Central.

Unfortunately the proposal didn’t quite get the support required to fund the project with the help of the treasury. However, it’s great to be able to tell you that we have found a way to fund the initial development costs in order to build the first basic version of the system. Once that’s done, we can gauge value and determine whether further treasury funding makes sense.

What’s DashRoots?

For the complete picture and all the details, please read the official proposal.

Here I’ll present the simple version in order to outline the basic problem, and the plan for how DashRoots helps.

As the value of Dash increases, so too does the cost of making an official proposal. This isn’t a bad thing, as it keeps the limited attention of the MNOs focused on the bigger ideas, and avoids overloading and distracting them with lots of smaller ones.

That’s where DashRoots comes in. DashRoots is a crowdfunding system where anyone can make a proposal and anyone can back a proposal. By contributing small amounts of DASH in aggregate, DashRoots will help smaller projects receive support from backers who believe that the project will positively contribute to the Dash ecosystem.

Funds are committed by individual backers in a crowdfunding model. Once a proposal reaches its target amount, the funds are released to the proposal owner and work begins on the project. All projects must supply evidence of successful delivery, which will later be confirmed by backers.

Participation in DashRoots (both by proposal owners and backers) counts towards individual reputation scores. Later in the project roadmap, these scores will give users more privileges on the site, including, for example, being able to leverage any treasury funds which MNOs vote to allocate to grassroots projects.

DashRoots will help the Dash ecosystem support itself at the level where small things can turn into big things; from people wanting to help promote Dash in their local areas or events, to speaking at conferences, to creating multilingual help resources, and to all other kinds of grassroots endeavours.

We want to encourage more people to become involved in Dash in a positive and useful way. It’s our firm goal to make Dash ever more appealing to new investors, who are looking for something more than just a digitial currency to hold onto.

Work has already started on the project, and this blog is the official way to keep up to date with progress. We’ll let you know as we reach our milestones. Please sign up to our mailing list if you would like to get early access when the first pieces of the system are in place.

Thanks for the support so far – we’re really excited to see this project grow.

Martin Rue

DashRoots Developer

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