DashRoots Project Update

It has been a while since our last post, announcing that the DashRoots project was continuing development despite the official proposal not quite gaining enough support to pass.

Since that time, we’ve been hard at work developing the system and dealing with all the wonderful little details that fall out once you really get deep into the technical work.

Today I want to give you a quick update of progress, and some updates on the remaining work to be done.

Completed Work

Since the start of the project, the work finished and tested is:

  • User sign-up/login and email verification functionality
  • Password reset functionality + email notifications
  • Resource upload system (for avatars at this stage, and later for proposal evidence documents)
  • User profiles, allowing users to upload avatars and complete basic profile information
  • Completed designs (data structures and UX) for proposal flow
  • Dash funding system, allowing users to deposit and withdraw DASH from their DashRoots account
  • Generation of BIP32 chained addresses to allow all funds to be securely held offline
  • Backend API (Golang) servicing all the required functionality on the frontend (TypeScript + React)
  • addrgen is an open source library we created to derive DASH addresses from a BIP32 seed
  • address-watcher is a tool we open-sourced that sits in front of Dash’s dashd daemon and manages a list of read-only watch addresses, providing funding reports for each one

Remaining Work

  • Complete the implementation of the proposal create/read UI and workflow (~40% done)
  • Final internal testing

Most of the difficult problems are now solved, and the remaining work is simply finishing the UI work to complete the proposal workflow. There were lots of initial questions/issues to get past with this work, so it has taken a little longer than we estimated.


The first alpha release isn’t too far away, but for now here are some screenshots of our local test versions.

Landing Page

Once the proposal workflow is complete, this page will contain proposal previews for anonymous readers to access in read-only mode, directly from the landing page.

User Profile Page

Here you can control what other users on the site will see about you. In the future, this page will also contain contribution statistics about you: the number of successfully backed projects, the number of projects delivered, your participation stats, etc.

Fund Management Page

Until the decentralised on-chain escrow milestone is reached (coming after first release), this page lets users manage their funds on the site. DASH can be deposited (using incrementing addresses for privacy), and existing funds can be withdrawn completely from here.

Proposal Flow Wireframe

As the proposal workflow is one of the final items of work-in-progress, here’s a wireframe design showing the overall structure of the proposal page. We should have this in place within a couple of weeks from now.


We’ve not been shouting from the rooftops about the project over the last couple of months, but that’s because we’ve been heads-down working on delivering it.

The first release is in the final stages of development. We estimate 3-4 more weeks before the whole system is in place and usable. Shortly afterwards we’ll do some invite-only testing, iron out any immediate bugs, and finally let DashRoots handle its first real proposal!

We’re looking forward to getting DashRoots in the hands of the people that can do truly amazing things for Dash at the grassroots level.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or just want to say hello, reach out to martin on Discord or email.

Martin Rue

DashRoots Developer

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