DashRoots Release

UPDATE: Following the unsuccessful completion of our second proposal, DashRoots is currently on a hiatus. More details here.

Hello Dashers!

After many months of hard work, it’s a great pleasure to announce the first public release of DashRoots. You can now sign up and begin using the system at https://dashroots.fund.

What’s DashRoots?

DashRoots was born out of an idea last year to help extend the funding options available to people within the Dash ecosystem, all the way down to the grassroots crowdfunding level.

Last year we ran an official proposal to seek funding to build the system. Unfortunately we didn’t receive quite enough yes votes to fund the project. We didn’t let that stop us however, and for the past 14 months we have self-funded the development costs to bring DashRoots to life.

Many of us within the community want to see Dash continue to attract the same kind of talent that originally created, and today continues to evolve the Dash project. Such talent is essential in order to continue creating new and exciting content and projects that will cement Dash’s position in the market.

The treasury is an important element of Dash, enabling this evolution to continue to happen. However, for many of the smaller ideas and individuals wanting to do great things for Dash, the treasury is out of reach due to cost. On one hand, the lower proposal count keeps MNOs focused to make better decisions, but it also leaves a big gap.

DashRoots aims to help fill this gap. By allowing the community as a whole to support smaller, new and exciting grassroots efforts to improve Dash (in any number of ways), we can continue to attract that organic grassroots talent.

As we all know, Dash continues to succeed so long as the utility and use-cases of the network continue to grow. For that to happen, we need to be attracting great people and encouraging them to bring their skills and ideas to Dash first.

In that vein, it’s our deep hope that DashRoots will become an important part of extending the appeal of Dash to those who can help grow it from the edges; to all those small projects that one day could become huge.

PS. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged us to keep going, and in the very spirit of DashRoots, threw in money along the way to ensure that it happened. While there are many challenges to come, it’s great to reach this milestone.

Bonus Announcement: DAPR

As with any large project, a lot of hours have gone into DashRoots. In between all those hours we needed a break every now and again. But what exactly does one do when taking a break from working on a crypto project? Well, another, even more ambitious crypto project, of course!

We have also been working on a project called DAPR (DAsh PRotocol), which is the humble beginnings of a full node implementation of Dash, written in Go.

In Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other projects, we see more than one implementation of the core software. This spreads the knowledge outside of just one centralised team, and while all implementations of the protocol must of course align, it’s healthy to have separate teams, separate ideas, and a higher bus factor of one for long-term survival of the network.

We think Dash needs something like this too, and so we started it.

DAPR is very early stage, but it’s now capable of finding its way onto the Dash network, handshaking with peers, and receiving blockchain assets (but not yet creating the chain). DAPR also hosts a local web interface for viewing stats about what the node is doing, what it knows about the network, and other things. In the future, the web UI will evolve into a full management system for the node itself, wallets, governance, and everything else.

We just open-sourced the project, so please check that out here: https://github.com/dapr-project/dapr.

Martin Rue

DashRoots Developer

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